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a critical love letter to Austria


EDELWEISS. (2023) is a performative documentary about the often harrowing realities of People of Color living in Austria. The movie is a frank depiction of the perspectives of many People of Color who have varying connections to Austria; some who call it home, some who have made it their home, and others who would never call it home. Edelweiss is a critical love letter to a country that needs to become a better place for those who have been making it a better place for years.


The film EDELWEISS. is a product of the Through Our Eyes project in collaboration with the Triangle Studio. The film EDELWEISS. is funded by kültüř gemma!.

Through Our Eyes
Triangle Studio

The 'Through Our Eyes' project, founded by Anna Gaberscik, is an interdisciplinary project that explores anti-racism, intersectionality and empowerment in various creative forms.


From BIPoC storytelling to anti-racism awareness workshops and performance formats, the 'Through Our Eyes' project addresses difficult issues from a critical yet creative perspective. In her work and workshops, Anna emphasizes the revolutionary potential of preserving and amplifying BIPoC voices, especially when it comes to social justice and sociopolitical issues. Her social justice agenda is influenced and inspired by various BIPoC cultural phenomena, drawing much inspiration from African-American diaspora culture. The Through Our Eyes project strives to challenge white, patriarchal, heteronormative narratives and discourses in every way possible.

Stella Radovan is a cultural mediator, film producer and singer. In her work, she always pursues an interdisciplinary approach that aims to support social issues and make them accessible to a broad audience. During her studies (theater, film and media studies) she realized the animated short film "Rewind" with colleagues, which was shown for the first time at the "Austrian Panorama" of the Tricky Women Festival in March 2021.

In 2021, she directed a video essay about being a woman: "Women in Life".

After several assistantships, including at Dschungel Wien and the Burgtheater, she was most recently employed in art and theater education at KinderKunstLabor (Lower Austria) and Landestheater NÖ. Since April, she has been head of the theater department at the Musisches Zentrum Wien.

Rezzarte | Reza Majdodin is an Iranian Photo- and Videographer, who has been living in Vienna since 2013. His artistic career started at Art University of Tehran, where he studied Classical Guitar. It was those studies that brought him to Prayner Konservatorium in Vienna. Here he also studied Musicology. As a Qualified Austrian Photographer he co-founded Triangle Studio, which focuses on the photo- and video documentation of theatre pieces and events, marketing-material and films (esp. documentaries).

The Iranian Sepehr Sarabchi has been living in Austria since 2010. For many years Video- und Photography have been his passion and in 2019 that passion became a profession: He co-founded Triangle Studio, which focuses on the photo- and video documentation of theatre pieces and events, marketing-material and films (esp. documentations).

In addition to that, he works as an educator at @zoom museum, where he works with children through animation.


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